Couples & Marriage Counselling

Heaven or Hell? Which are you creating in your close relationships?


Couples come into therapy when they are experiencing distress. Most often they are caught in the same argument. Over and over again they keep repeating the same negative interaction and it leaves them feeling distant, disconnected and emotionally isolated from their partner. It’s difficult for them to see it is more about how they interact with each other than it is about their issues or differences. That’s where marriage counselling comes in.

Marriage counselling or couples therapy provides a place where both partners can talk about their concerns, thoughts and feelings with a unbiased other who can help weed through the distress to uncover what’s really going on for each partner. The model we use predominantly while working with couples EFT (see link).

In addition to EFT we use Imago therapy, developed by Harville Hendrix (Getting the Love You Want) to help couples communicate more effectively as well as the system described in the book Conscious Loving by Gay & Kathleen Hendricks.